Tuesday, July 11, 2006


This is my first blog. I've been discussing and studying philosophy and capitalism for some time now, both on the internet and in the "real world". While the banter of a back and forth discussion is energizing, I've been thinking about doing more for a while. And so the concept of this blog started to form in my mind. A place I could put ideas down in whole thoughts, as opposed to responses to others.

I'm an Objectivist, and I wanted to write from that perspective. I also work in industry. As I looked out amonst the various blogs covering topics from Objectivist viewpoints, I noticed that while many wrote now and then on business topics, I didn't see one specifically devoted to celebrating industry, business, the businessman and the conditions which make it and him possible. Thus, I introduce The Crucible & Column.

I am particularly enamoured with factories, and heavy equipment. I used to be involved in the design and construction of chemical plants, and there is still something about a large piece of equipment being lifted into place, that I find fascinating. So the metaphors for the blog are taken from that vein:
  • a crucible: the container used for processing metals at high temperature
  • a distillation column: used for purification of liquids away from their mixtures
I intend the blog to be primarily celebratory with less focus on threats to capitalism, but as yet don't know how that mix will work out. So stay tuned.

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softwareNerd said...

I just clicked from your signature to your blog. Nice start. I look forward to more.