Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Big 4-0

Yup, it was today. Well, actually yesterday, but I'm having trouble sleeping so it's still yesterday to me. The day was well-spent. I won't bore you with the details, suffice it to say I smiled a lot. I love having a birthday in the summer. It's very conducive to driving on sunny days with the sunroof open, and letting all the stress ooze out of you out on the deck in the open sun. And to top it off, my friends over at gave me the warmest birthday wishes I've received in a long time. And at the end of the day, as I was writing in my journal, the words crystallized the day into a concrete example of what philosophy is for. It's for life; life on this earth. Happiness, success, passion, friendship, purpose, ecstasy....

So as I embark on the next third of my life, I think the goal will be to reach my 80th year and be hardly able to remember this day, for all the rich memories in between. Anyone up for an adventure?

Anyone who knows me, knows that music seems to accompany everything I do. So here you go. Music for the adventure of the next 40 years (substitute philosophical references in place of religious ones, please. Let's see. Does "Galt's Gulch or Bust medallion" fit in place of "plastic dashboard Jesus"?)

To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield...


Gus Van Horn said...

Happy birthday from someone who also recently passed that milestone!

And at least as many more!


Rational Jenn said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like it was a great one!

(And love the quote from "Ulysses," by the way . . . )

Oscar Madison said...

Happy Birthday...Again!

Great time in Warsaw, eh?

Here's wishing you babes - 70, maybe? - and kebabs in Heaven!

Ps. Could you post some pictures of good looking women -or- perhaps some sports scores, please???

Kendall J said...


Warsaw would have been more fun if you hadn't left your dirty clothes all over the room. However, drinking Polish vodka until the wee hourse was terrible fun. Let's get IA, KW and do that again!

There pictures and links to Beautiful women in August 2007. Note that's not "Miss August 2007". If you want more, then you'll have to talk to Moonkween about it.

Kebabs in Warsaw, Churros con Chocolate in Madrid, Tapas and Cafe con Leche in Sevilla. Why do the best things come with sooo many calories!

Felix Ungar -