Monday, September 22, 2008

Provenzo's Tops in My Book

Kudos to Rule of Reason's Nick Provenzo today for standing up to nationally-syndicated talk show host Laura Ingraham. His recent piece analyzing Sarah Palin's choice to give birth to a baby she knew had Down Syndrome and the broader implications that the glorification of her choice implies for abortion rights was picked up by pro-life media in a big way, culminating in his invitation to appear on Laura Ingraham's show. Misrepresented time and again, he published a follow-up piece as well.

Ingraham, a fervent religionist, is staunchly pro-life. While she deals with most of her "friendly" guests in a respectable manner, those who have views contrary to hers can be subjected to anything from berating to a downright railroad job, and Nick was no exception. His talking points for the show, and his response after the interview are here and here respectively.

Nick stuck to his guns, did not allow himself to be misrepresented, and eventually forced Ingraham to direct and blatant ad hominem. My respect goes out to Nick. Facing tough audiences like this is a tough job, and he handled himself well.


Kendall J said...

PS, he also got a nod from Megan McCardle (aka "Jane Galt") over at The Atlantic. Hopefully she'll blog him as well.

Renee Katz said...

I agree. He's my hero for taking on all these belligerent "pro-lifers."

softwareNerd said...

He did a great job remaining unruffled.

Laura (and other O'Reilly types) reminds us that rats rush in where lions fear to tread.