Thursday, January 01, 2009

Objectivist Round-up - Best of 2008


Happy New Year and welcome to the January 1st, 2009 edition of the Objectivist Round Up! Our New Year's roundup features some of the best posts from 2008, written by authors who are animated by Objectivism, the philosophy of Ayn Rand. According to Ayn Rand:

My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute.

"About the Author," Atlas Shrugged, Appendix.

Valda Redfern presents There's no pragmatic way outposted at Valzhalla, saying, "Can we find pragmatic solutions to today's crises? No - pragmatism isn't practical"

Burgess Laughlin presents The third greatest sacrifice? posted at Making Progress, saying, "This article, about sacrificing one's beloved work, personalizes an earlier post, "What is a central purpose in life?" (Making Progress, May 20, 2008)."

Brian Phillips presents A Christmas Fantasy posted at Houston Property Rights, saying, "Americans awoke today to startling news-- the federal government declared itself morally bankrupt and closed the doors on virtually all of its operations. "We have realized the error of our ways," President Bush announced on the steps of the White House."

Khartoum presents Islam: What The West Needs To Know. posted at Philosophy, Law and Life., saying, "My first identification of Islamic totalitarianism."

Darren Cauthon presents Earth Day Advice posted at Darren Cauthon, saying, "Here's a post I wrote in April about Earth Day that was a great starter to some good conversations with family and friends. I also submitted it to the local morning radio guy who read and talked about it on the radio. Very fun!"

Greg Perkins presents Why the New Atheists Can't Even Beat D'Souza: The Best and Worst in Human History posted at NoodleFood, saying, "Dinesh D'Souza has been famously beating up the "New Atheists" in debates and op-eds, but it is not because he is a strong Christian Apologist. Rather, it is due to their fundamental philosophical weaknesses. This series of articles shows how D'Souza and his ilk don't stand a chance against Objectivism, by demolishing his biggest-scoring points in metaphysics ("Science vs. Miracles"), epistemology ("The Gap in Religious Thought"), ethics ("Morality and Life"), and the fundamental role of reason in human life ("The Best and Worst in Human History")."

Valda Redfern presents Valzhalla: Baltic delights posted at Valzhalla, saying, "If you read to the end, you'll find out how to add a bit of shine to your philosophy"

Ari Armstrong presents Politicians Caused and Worsened the Great Depressionposted at, saying, "Will modern American politicians repeat the mistakes of history?"

K. M. presents Freedom of Speech « Applying philosophy to life posted at Applying philosophy to life, saying, "A post defending an absolute right to free speech with some good exchange in the comments. I chose this post because 'Freedom of Speech' is perhaps the most important idea to understand today."

Paul Hsieh presents How The GOP Lost My Vote posted at NoodleFood, saying, "My favorite piece of 2008 was this Denver Post OpEd which I wrote immediately after Election Day, on the dangerous influence of the Religious Right on the Republican Party. Once it hit the conservative blogosphere, I received lots of positive feedback from disaffected Republicans as well as plenty of hate mail from religious conservatives. This was yet another demonstration of the fact that (1) this country needs our ideas, and (2) there are many people ready and willing to listen to them."

Rational Jenn presents Heroic Me posted at Rational Jenn, saying, "The first part of 2008 was marked by our resistance to participation in the "mandatory" American Community Survey. I have continued to receive hits from the domain "" ever since. Just a reminder--the ACS is completely over the top, and to my knowledge, no threat of fine or jail has ever actually been carried out by the government. I'm so happy that we refused to comply with this serious invasion of our privacy!"

C. August presents Boston's Medallion Morass posted at Titanic Deck Chairs, saying, "From June 27th, an analysis of the absurd taxi medallion mess in Boston, and the only real solution to it."

Diana Hsieh presents Jury Nullification posted at NoodleFood, saying, "Should jurors ever acquit a person they know to be guilty of breaking the law on the grounds that the law is unjust? This post explores that question."

Kendall J presents My Hero Anna Schwartz posted at The Crucible and Column, saying "A monetarist's look at causes of the financial crisis."

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