Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday round-up #6

  1. The Swedish model of bank nationalization has been pointed too as a possible model. It wasn’t actually a nationalization. Detail here.
  2. The Obama budget has been analyzed in multiple posts (Mankiw, Mankiw 2, RCM, EconLog, Cafe Hayek). Bottom line: rosy growth projections bolstering huge deficits beyond the recession. Credit for “fiscal discipline” to use worst year of the recession as the benchmark. Lots of spin, lots of ‘redistribution’, little financial discipline.
  3. ARI has posted the video of John Allison’s talk on the causes of the financial crisis. It is a very insightful talk from an industry insider with many concrete examples. Invaluable.
  4. For a near daily dose of examples of entrepreneurs, and businessmen who have changed the way we live, I subscribe to the Heroes of Capitalism blog. Headed up by Dr. Eric Daniels of the Clemson Institute for the Study of Capitalism. Great histories of capitalists from the last two centuries!

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