Tuesday, January 05, 2010

2010 Goals

It is that time of year again; the time when I put together my objectives for 2010. Looking back at last year’s goals I am quite pleased with my accomplishments. Although I didn’t complete everything on last year’s list (most notably getting published, and titling Moxie) I am still happy with the way I ended the year. I experienced a significant unplanned life event in the form of my move to Philly and a new job, and my while I only competed in one duathlon this year, I shredded it, turning in a personal best after only 8 weeks of training to prepare.

This year’s goal list is a bit shorter. I have a set of professional goals, but I don’t list them here, and this is a pretty pivotal year for my career. So I expect that my priority will be there and my personal goals less so. However, there are still a few pretty aggressive goals here, and a few that excite me as well. Without further adieu.

  1. Fitness – compete in a road triathlon, an off-road tri/du and one marathon. While it may sound similar to last year’s goal, this goal implies that I’m going to improve my swimming, get my MTB riding to the point where I can race, and put some serious time into running. All new activities that I’ve not focused on before.
  2. Reading – Read 1 book per month for a total of 12. I had this goal from last year, but the reality it I only hit about 6 or 7. Maybe the choice to bite off Anna Karenina mid-year did me in.
  3. Writing – publish 1 TOS article. Another repeat, but this one is really important to me. I’m going to focus less on blogging this year, although I need to get Simply Capitalism back on its feet. Also I’m going to finish that short story I’ve been working on for the last year or so.
  4. Dmitri – try to bring Dmitri out to Philly at least 3 times during the year. My step son is back in Michigan and seeing him is important to me. This is a critical must do goal.

I have a few items in the new activity area.

  1. Get certified to charter a large sailboat. I’ve been sailing since I was a kid, and I’ve sailed on big boats as well, but never learned enough to charter sail. Since I’m not living near the ocean and sailing schools, this is the perfect opportunity to complete something I’ve always wanted to do. Of course this means that there is a charter vacation in my plans sometime next winter. Anyone want to join me for a week in the British Virgin Islands for a week aboard my boat?
  2. Learn to surf. Something else I’ve wanted to do. I used to windsurf extensively, and again living so close to the Jersey shore means that surfing is readily available.
  3. Become more competent at drawing.  Part of a longer term goal to eventually learn to do some painting, I want to get my drawing skills improved. Several places convenient in the city where I can do this.

That’s it. With my professional goals as well, this will keep me quite occupied for 2010. What are some of your goals?